Kaho and Kibithu |The Eastern Most Parts of India

By    May 12th 2016    36 Comments  Posted in Arunachal Pradesh, East Arunachal, India

We reached the eastern most part of India bordering with China. Here, a banner in the lone shop received us with ‘Welcome to Kaho’. It is a small shop but no less than a mini departmental store. You get here everything including apparels, footwear, cosmetics, groceries, foods, tea, beer and whisky. And on the front desk, […]

Dong – Where Hit the First Rays of Sun in India

By    May 4th 2016    17 Comments  Posted in Arunachal Pradesh, East Arunachal, India

With every sunrise, we rise. But did it ever come across your mind that while we’re still in the bed embracing the darkness of night, some other places are illuminated by the sun rays. It is witnessed in every country. Yes, in our country too. So, where does the sun rise first in India? Sun […]

Road to Far East – The Battlefield of Walong

By    April 29th 2016    22 Comments  Posted in Arunachal Pradesh, East Arunachal, India

It was a lovely sunny morning in the hills. We set off our journey to the further most east of India, into the battlefield of 1962 Indo-China war, Walong. The journey continued to fascinate us by the scenic beauty of river Lohit. Every now and then we were stopping for capturing the unmatched beauty of […]

Road to the Eastern Most East of India – The Golden Pagoda of Tengapani

Our journey in the ‘Land of Rising Sun’, Arunachal Pradesh, started early in the morning of 25th December 2015 from Tinsukia in Assam. We were travelling to the eastern most east of India, the land which is most beautiful yet less travelled! The places in western and central Arunachal namely Tawang and Mechuka are more […]